padThe Walking People


A Native American Oral History

"This story has its beginnings on a day long ago when Earth rolled and heaved, and rocks fell like rain..."

Thus began the epic journey of The Walking People--a journey which, over 10,000 years, would span continents and allow a leaderless, traditionless group of people to gather the knowledge and wisdom to prosper as a Whole People.

The Walking People traces the threads of connection from ancient Native American thinking toward the thinking that underlies many of our present political structures.

Now, the Walking People have reached our own time--a time when we begin to learn that wisdom may have greater value than success, that individuals need respect in their communities, that spirit may mean more than just determination, that no one single view of history can be fully accurate.

This is a history told by the people themselves and passed down from generation to generation, "that the children's children may yet learn."

Published in cooperation with the Institute of Noetic Sciences



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