padA Tribe of Two Press is the publisher of the works of Paula Underwood, the keeper of a ten thousand year oral tradition that chronicles the journeys of a group of Native Americans across the Bering Strait into North America.

Paula Underwood joined her ancestors on the first of December 2000 at midnight. She is survived by her children Randy Spencer and Laurie Roberts.


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Kind Thoughts

Paula Underwood is "a true master teacher." 
  - Prof. Peter G. Brown, Dir. Environmental
    Policy Programs, School of Public Affairs,
    University of Maryland 

The Medicine Wheel for Learning is "the most effective tool for teaching I've ever seen."
  - Diane Cory, Corporate Consultant 

We have purchased over 1000 copies of Who Speaks for Wolf "because we want our people to keep on learning."
  - Brenda VanderMuellen, Diversity 
    Education, Herman Miller, Inc. 

Who Speaks for Wolf is an "environmental classic."
  - The Carrying Capacity Network